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Special Book Order

While we may not be able to carry all the printed book titles in the world, we can special order a book for you if it’s in print. Just call us at 0656 92 49 92/0687 014 740  (Monday – Sunday: 10.00am to 07.00pm), email: or place an order at any Mak  bookshops.

Reservation service (via phone or in-person)

If you’d like to reserve a book or games, we’d be happy to help. Here are 2 ways of doing so:

  • Phone: 0656 92 49 92/0687 014 740  (Monday – Sunday: 10.00am to 07.00pm)
  • In-person at any Mak  bookshops

Please note that any book, you’ve reserved will be set aside for 3 days only.

Gift Wrapping

Let us wrap your book gifts at no charge (house paper is complimentary). For any items purchase  inside Mak bookstores.

Corporate Service

No matter the size of your company, we can help get the books you need and want with just one phone call or email to us. Please call us at 0656 924992/0687 014 740 (Monday – Sunday: 10.00am to 07.00pm) or email to open a Corporate account to enjoy corporate discounts today.

Gift voucher

Fiction? Thriller? General? Hardcover? Paperback? If you’re not sure what books to get your friends, family, and colleagues, a book gift voucher will ensure they’ll get the book of their choice. We have Times bookstores vouchers available in all denominations . You may purchase them at any Mak bookstores

Payment mode

Mak  bookstores accept payment in cash, MasterCard, Visa, American Express,Air money and M-pesa.


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